November 2015

Fall has finally arrived in LA and it's wonderful! I absolutely love this time of year. This Sunday I'm going to be back at the Montrose Farmer's Market playing with Gremoli. I'll be subbing with them on bass. There was a time that I used to play the Market every Sunday with Gremoli, and that's when I made the video you can see to the right. But when I started working for Disney they had us work a lot of Sundays so I had to stop playing with them. And then the management at the market changed and Gremoli went from playing every Sunday to one Sunday a month. So it's really fortunate that I could sub for them this time. And what better place to enjoy a lovely fall day then at a Farmer's Market? We'll be there from 10am - 2pm and if you care to stop by there's more info on my calendar page.

I enjoyed playing the Sun Valley Jazz Fest, and the Pismo Beach Festival last month, and our big Halloween/Birthday Party for Marlys at Curley's was a blast. But now I'm looking forward to all the exciting things in November. Mainly the San Diego Jazz Festival which happens every year over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I'll be there as a guest artist and keeping busy playing with a lot of great bands! The San Diego Festival has also become a big one for swing dancers so I hope I can get some practice in while I'm there! And let me not forget the two traditions that happen the day before Thanksgiving: Our annual "Turkey Show" at Curleys where we play all our turkey songs (more on my CJ & Katie page about that...) and the annual Vaud & The Villains Pre-Thanksgiving Party at the Fais Do Do. I really enjoy both shows and it's a perfect way to kick off the holiday weekend! I hope to see you at one of these events!

Thanks for stopping by!
– Katie

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