April 2015

Last month the Ellis Island Boys (yes, I'm a "boy") were a hit with the crowds at the "Jazz Bash By The Bay" in Monterey, California. I also played a fun set with Banu Gibson who was there as a special guest, and I had one set of my own as a guest artist. It was a fun festival and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. On the last day, we played a set called "Classy Guitars" which was the Ellis Island Boys with our friends in Le Jazz Hot. Overall it was a really fun festival and if you didn't get a chance to go, you can see some wonderful videos from it at including the video I'm posting below!

At the end of the month, Clint Baker came to LA for a few gigs and had a group play at Joe's Bar & Grill in Burbank for "Happy Feet Monday" dance night. It was a huge success and the crowd grew each set. I've played a lot of gigs at Joe's and usually the crowd thins out by the first set, because people have to work and we play until midnight. This was the first time I've seen so many dancers stay until the last note was played! It was a hot band and here's a video so you can enjoy it too. I hope we get to play there again sometime with the same group!

This month I'll mostly be in town with a quick trip up the coast to play a wedding and a public gig in San Luis Obispo. I have a nice mix of local things including the steady gig with the Ellis Island Boys at DCA and another visit to Joe's. I'm looking forward to some time at home for Spring Cleaning!

Thanks for stopping by!
– Katie


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