January 2016

Happy 2016 everyone! It's hard to believe we're at the start of another new year. This month I'm back at the park with the Ellis Island Boys. We'll be there most Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays. You can always double check my calendar page to see when I'll be at the park!

El Niño has finally arrived and I'm really proud of myself because I just figured out how to code a tilde in HTML. Let me elaborate a little: When I started working on webpages back in the late 90's I used Dreamweaver. I got very comfortable making my webpage with it and I even worked on several other web pages for friends. But last year it was time to get a new computer and I figured at the same time I'd upgrade the old copy of Dreamweaver I was using (which is something I always do every few years.) Only when I went to purchase the latest version of Dreamweaver, I discovered that you can no longer just buy the program. They actually offer it as a subscription service and you have to pay a monthly fee in order to use it. I was pretty upset and mad at the company for doing that. So a few months ago I started teaching myself how to write code. I was able to purchase a $99 app (It's called Espresso if you're interested.) which allows me to view the code before I post it and make sure everything looks ok. Right now it's been a very slow process, but I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of it!

Anyway the reason I mentioned El Niño is because yesterday at Curley's we had a small but mighty crowd that braved the rain in order to come and sing some songs and have some fun with us. Here we are:


(l-r back row standing:)
Marlys Sams, Sue Miller, CJ Sams, Me, Helen Loeffler, Frank Huber, Dan Bottoms, David Hargis, Ted Loeffler
(l-r middle row seated:) Jimmy and Billie Green, Dick Cravens, Dottie and Herb Crandell, Laura Cavera (sissy!)
(l-r front row seated:) John Erickson, Brook Nesbit

Thanks for stopping by!
– Katie

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