February 2015

On October 24th, 2014 my husband Woody Pittman passed away after a long struggle with cancer. He died peacefully in his sleep here at home and I'm happy that I was able to take off work and spend the last month of his life with him. We had a wonderful hospice team and I am grateful for all their support. I'm now back to work full time and I find a lot of comfort in performing. Woody was an amazing performer who taught me a lot about showmanship and I know he is proud of me.

I'm updating this site again so you can see where I'm playing but I think for this month's Newsletter I'll just share a few of the things that Woody and I did together.

shuffleboard king

Shuffleboard King

This is the first film we made while on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. I've thought about replacing the music with something original, but Leroy Anderson's "Bugler's Holiday" just seems to work so well. I especially enjoyed creating and editing together the 'trick shots'.

shuffleboard king film

blood day

Blood Day

Originally I used another famous recording for the soundtrack to this short. But at the time I was also experimenting with a multi-track recording device. Having already edited the film together, I reinterpreted the original music, playing all the instruments and using my multi-track. I think most jazz fans will be able to guess what the original recording was when they hear my twist on it!

blood day film

sock monkey

Sock Monkey

Los Angeles Union Station was a beautiful place to shoot. We got there really early in the morning and finished the film before the commuters arrived. I had just made this sock monkey from a craft kit and named him "Tofu". –Seemed like a pretty good excuse to make a film!

sock monkey film



This film uses a new Christmas song that I wrote and recorded with Clint Baker. I wanted to send out a little video Christmas card for the holidays and this gave us an excuse to decorate early!

christmas film

woody pittman

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