April 2014

This month Vaud and the Villains have launched a pledge music campaign so that we can record a new Album. We're reaching out to our friends and fan base to raise enough money to make a professionally produced album that will represent the band as it is now. And right now the band is bigger and better then it's ever been which is saying a lot because previous versions of the band have also been very, very good. Please take a minute to visit our page and watch the short video of the band by clicking this link or or the photo below. And then come back here. I'll wait...

Pledge Music Campaign

I hope that you'll be able to donate something to help us reach our goal. We have some terrific exclusives for people that are able to donate a little more. David Silverman plays sousaphone in the band and he also happens to direct The Simpsons. In fact he began working on the cartoon when it was just starting out and has been working on it ever since. So one of the exclusives we're offering is for David Silverman to draw a caricature of you or a friend. I think this would be an amazing gift for someone who is a true fan of the Simpsons! Here are some of the other cool things we're offering:

Singing Lesson with Villain Singers
For two: Wanna get some power in those pipes or sing like a canary from a prison cell window? The Villain choir will lead you down the right road, they are professionals after all. Includes CD and t-shirt. Takes place in Los Angeles or via Skype if more than 20 miles away.

We will quit your job for you, secretly appear when you propose and play music, come to your place of employment or you crabby neighbor’s house or your sad friend and play New Orleans street music. Basically if you need the Villains and our passion and energy to get the job done, we will be there for you. Tell us when and where and we will bring Villainry to your world for roughly 15-20mins. Let them try and kick us out…they’ll get a punch in the neck. Must be in the LA area within 20 miles.

Be on stage!
Be on stage with us for This Little Light of Mine – this is the most fun part of the show…the crowd has been baptized in Villainry and now they are all singing along with the fervor of a Baptist congregation and dancing like fiends. Come up on stage with us and feel that incredible energy as we send them home in style. Comes with Original Salvation CD, a Villainous Tee and two prime seats where seating is available!!!

This month the Ellis Island Boys will once again play for Jitterbuggin' The Park at Disney California Adventure. This is a really fun day that has become a real highlight for us. Basically tons of people show up and swing dance around our stage for the entire day. The management removes tables at Paradise Gardens so there's more space for dancing and people like to dress up and get in the spirit of it. I think the best part is seeing unsuspecting guests who happen to just be in the park for the day discovering this event. Even if you don't dance it's a sight to see! Visit the facebook page or website for more info and to see photos from previous Jitterbuggin' events.

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- Katie


jitterbugin' the park

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