July 2015

I had a wonderful time teaching and playing at the New Orleans Traditional Jazz Camp last month! I had a great group of "students" that are really more like friends and family. Once again the camp sold out and they had to turn students away. So for next year it looks like they may try and have 2 camps - one in June and one in August so keep that in mind if you'd like to join us in New Orleans.

At the end of the month I played at the 25th Annual America's Classic Jazz Festival in Lacy Washington as a Guest Artist. I played guitar with Tom Hook and the Terriers, guitar and banjo with Charlotte's Boys lead by Jeff Barnhart, 2nd guitar and banjo in the Evergreen Jazz Band with my pal Josh Roberts, and 2nd Banjo with John Gill in the Yerba Buena Stompers featuring Miss Ida Blue. Check out the video of us backing the Brooklynesque Ida below on "So Long I'm Gone" blues. (Isn't she a kick!?!) I really like how John thinks and how well we work together and even though he was very generous and kept telling me I could take all the solos, I think it's much more effective (and fun!) to have us play together. As usual Rae Ann Berry caught some wonderful highlights of the festival with her video camera so look her up on youtube at:


nola parade

At the 2nd Line Parade through the
French Quarter with Brad Vereby.

The Yerba Buena Stompers Featuring Miss Ida Blue
"So Long I'm Gone"

This Month I have a tour up in the Bay Area with Ray Skjelbred and the Cubs. We have several stops including the "Cline Wine & Jazz Festival" and Cafe Borrone, so if you live in the area check my calendar page for more details! I'll also be at the Evergreen Jazz Festival playing bass with the New Black Eagles. I haven't been to this fest in several years and I'm looking forward to it!

Thanks for stopping by!
– Katie

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