August 2015

Last month I enjoyed the mini-tour of the Bay area with Ray Skjelbred and His Cubs. We had a great time at Rossmoor, Cafe Borrone, the Cline Wine Fest, and the Napa Valley Jazz Club! (Whew!) Next up for us is the San Diego Thanksgiving Dixieland Festival that happens over Thanksgiving Weekend in San Diego. (Makes sense, doesn't it?) As usual Rae Ann Berry caught some wonderful highlights of the festival with her video camera. The video below is from the Cafe Borrone performance. I always like hearing Kim sing! Also at the 3:00 mark we do a musical "trick" that is typical of Chicago Style Jazz called a "Stop-And-Go". It's a build of of the song (starting at the top of Kim's clarinet chorus around 2:40) with a sudden unexpected drop. We know it's going to happen because: 1. Ray tells us to do it, (you can hear him say "stop and go") 2. We all feel the chorus building which typically means we're setting up for it, and 3. Kim plays a special rhythmic riff at 2:58 cueing the effect. You can also see that Clint, Jeff, and I appear to be looking behind and out the window. That's because there's a very lively couple swing dancing to the music outside (You can catch glimpses of them in the video) and I wanted to see how they'd react to this trick (They laughed!)

You can find more of Rae Ann's videos from the tour on youtube at: Thanks Rae Ann!


At the end of the month I had the pleasure of playing the bass with the New Black Eagle Jazz Band at the Evergreen Colorado Jazz Festival. It was my first time subbing with this fine group and I hope it won't be the last - I had a terrific time and Colorado was beautiful.

This month I'll be sticking close to home and that's fine with me. You can catch me every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with the Ellis Island Boys at Disney California Adventure. We're still on summer hours so it's 7 sets a day. Come and say "Hi" if you make it to the park! On August 23rd Vaud and the Villains will be back at the Belly Up! in the San Diego area (Solana Beach.) This is a really fun venue and worth the drive. Or if you live in the area or have friends in the area help us get the word out!

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– Katie

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