For many years now I've enjoyed making short films as a hobby. Many of you know that my husband Woody Pittman is a very funny Comedy Magician so it seemed natural that we combine our talents and create silent movies together. There's something I really enjoy about telling a story through film. For several of the films I also created original music for the background. The films all run three to five minutes and I've posted them on YouTube. Clicking the buttons below will pop open their respective YouTube page and begin loading the film. You can also go to to see my personal YouTube page. And if you're a member of YouTube you can subscribe to my videos so that you'll be notified when I post new films. Enjoy!


Shuffleboard King

This is the first film we made while on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. I've thought about replacing the music with something original, but Leroy Anderson's "Bugler's Holiday" just seems to work so well. I especially enjoyed creating and editing together the 'trick shots'.

shuffleboard king film

Blood Day

Originally I used another famous recording for the soundtrack to this short. But at the time I was also experimenting with a multi-track recording device. Having already edited the film together, I reinterpreted the original music, playing all the instruments and using my multi-track. I think most jazz fans will be able to guess what the original recording was when they hear my twist on it!

blood day film

Sock Monkey

Los Angeles Union Station was a beautiful place to shoot. We got there really early in the morning and finished the film before the commuters arrived. I had just made this sock monkey from a craft kit and named him "Tofu". –Seemed like a pretty good excuse to make a film!

sock monkey film


This film uses a new Christmas song that I wrote and recorded with Clint Baker. I wanted to send out a little video Christmas card for the holidays and this gave us an excuse to decorate early!

christmas film


Out My Window

I was in Paris working on 'Josephine' and I got a great apartment with an interesting view of the city streets and the Eiffel Tower. I enjoyed sitting by my window and watching the city around me. After filming for about a week I assembled the footage into a short film.



International Sock Monkey
(Le Singe Voyageur en Chausette)

I wanted to do a film about all the things I enjoyed in Paris: Visiting the Louvre, riding the metro, watching kids play in the park... I decided to make Sock Monkey my alter ego and the star of this short. I had a blast filming this and it gave me an excuse to go all over Paris and get really creative with my shots.

international sock monkey


A Sock Monkey Christmas

I decided to send out another little video for Christmas and I made a new sock monkey for this shoot. I considered writing a new song for it but Ray Skjelbred's version of "Inka Dinka Doo" worked perfectly and I was able to email the film to all my friends on Christmas Eve!

smc film


Gremoli At The Farmer's Market

This is a little video showing my regular Sunday job: Playing with Gremoli at the Montrose Farmer's Market. Since I had to film it myself, you never get a full shot of me playing, but that's me on the string bass. I tried to capture the 'feel' of a typical Sunday in the Market.

gremoli film


Viennese Sock Monkey (Wiener Strumph Affe)

"Josephine" took me to Vienna for three weeks and I thought it was time for another sock monkey adventure. Since my time there was limited I felt a little more 'rushed' doing this film. But even so, I got some really nice footage - especially in the Musikfreunde.

vsm film


Clint Baker's Cafe Borrone All-Stars

I made this video with some help from Rae Ann Berry. She did the steady shot while I ran around the cafe, and by the end of the night I had enough footage to edit together a video similar to "Gremoli At The Farmer's Market."

cafe b film


Manhattan Monkey

"Josephine" played for 2 weeks in New Jersey and a 30 minute bus ride took us to Times Square from where we were staying. Look for the cameo by Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks!

manhattan film


New Orleans Sock Monkey
(Le Sock Monkey des Bons Temps)

In 2010 I attended the first ever New Orleans Traditional Jazz Camp. I was right in the heart of the French Quarter for a week - plenty of time to film Tofu and enjoy the city. Here's the result!

new orleans film

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