cj and katie

Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 5:00 - 7:00 pm
Curley's Cafe
1999 E. Willow
Signal Hill, CA
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May 2018

As many of you in my Curley Family now know I was diagnosed with both colon and kidney cancer last September. They caught it early which was good but they still wanted to treat it aggressively. First I was treated with chemo and radiation. That successfully shrunk the tumor. After that I had a break from the treatment and then on January 5th I had my surgery. They got everything at once! They were able to shorten my guts and lop off about 1/3 of my left kidney. I have about 9 tiny incisions from that surgery and I've decided I'm going to tell people I was a knife thrower's assistant.

Now I'm in the last phase of my treatment which is 8 more rounds of chemo. I get both a chemo infusion and take chemo pills. I was thinking this would be the easy part but so far the side effects have been a bit rough making this harder then the previous treatments.

The Curley people have been very wonderful and supportive and CJ has decided to have different friends come in and play with him Wednesday nights while I get better. This also gives me the option of dropping in for a bit if I feel up to it. I really miss playing there and I do want to come back just as soon as I am able but in the meantime CJ and Marlys and all the musicians helping are doing a great job of keeping the show going!

You can always send me an email if you're wondering if I may show up for the night. I usually decide the day of Curley's and try to see how I'm feeling. I'm halfway through my final round of chemo treatments and I'm looking forward to being back there full time - possibly by August! Hang in there Curley Friends and I'm looking forward to being back there soon!

Hope to see you at the Cafe!
– Katie

The above video was created by Fred Harshbarger when he visited us at Curley's with several cameras and a small crew. I think it really captures the feel of the place!

You can also see other things he's done at his website: www.wxyzvideos.com



(l - r) Banu Gibson, me, Marlys & CJ Sams (David Boeddinghaus is hiding behind the piano!)

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The Cherry Willow Jazz Band
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